Offices and Departments

Administrative and Executive Office

Partnered with the NIH to address the dynamic needs of an international biomedical community, FAES collaborates with all 27 institutes and centers to promote excellence within the unique NIH research environment. We support scientific discourse, networking, leadership, and a culture of inclusion and respect.

FAES Properties

"Affordable and flexible accommodations for NIH trainees" FAES owns a community of residences across the street from the NIH in Bethesda and manages 3rd party rental accommodations that are reserved for intramural scholars pursuing research at NIH. We also own off-campus meeting facilities available to the NIH.

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Academic Programs

"Quality and innovative education to advance science and careers" Our Academic Programs Department curates and conducts year-round continuing education open to the public and discounted for the NIH Community. FAES online courses and interactive workshops promote deep learning and develop skills for success in and out of the lab.

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FAES Insurance

"Comprehensive insurance plans for NIH fellows and their families" FAES provides medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, and mental health coverage for scholars and trainees while they are conducting lifesaving biomedical research at the NIH.

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FAES Retail

FAES operates the only bookstore in the NIH Clinical Center with textbook services, bestsellers, and a unique collection of books and gifts to celebrate science. In addition, our book and gift stores carry branded merchandise, apparel, and challenge coins to recognize heroes in health and human services.

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