FAES provides continuing education and services to promote biomedical enterprise, including programs for scholars, scientists, staff, and visitors at the National Institutes of Health.

FAES was established in 1959 to facilitate a collegial environment and provide education and networking opportunities for biomedical research scientists. Since its founding, FAES has educated more than 150,000 people, and continues to enhance and evolve its educational programming to advance biomedical enterprise. In 1984 the organization expanded from basic science course offerings to include biotechnology with a series of short-term lecture and laboratory hands-on training workshops. FAES now offers year-round learning in basic and life sciences, biotechnology, data science, science policy, leadership and other skill areas via academic courses, interactive workshops, educational webinars, lecture series, and hands-on laboratory training at the NIH. FAES also offers management and entrepreneurial programs for scientists who want to bridge the gap between the bench/bedside and business or other fields.

In addition to continuing education and training, FAES provides support to the NIH community with a comprehensive health insurance plan for intramural trainees, limited housing for research fellows, retail stores and the only bookstore in the NIH Clinical Center, as well as sponsored campus events like annual performances by the entire National Symphony Orchestra in the Clinical Center Atrium.

Who we are

The Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences, Inc. (FAES) is a nonprofit organization committed to lifelong learning and professional development. Located at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, FAES was created in 1959 to foster collaboration and community among scientists - allowing the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and access to the latest knowledge, tools, and techniques to move science forward. Today, FAES fulfills its mission with dynamic services for emerging and established science scholars. We conduct academic programs and interactive workshops; we provide resources for teaching and learning at the NIH; we foster a positive work environment with cultural programs, musical performances, and events on and off the NIH campus; and we administer essential services for trainees including health insurance coverage and housing support during their research programs at NIH.

Mission Statement

FAES is a nonprofit organization located at the National Institutes of Health that conducts advanced educational programs and supports activities to promote the productivity and attractiveness of professional life at the NIH. FAES programs complement the work of NIH in accomplishing its mission of research and training in the biomedical sciences.

Our CEO | Chirstina Farias

At FAES, we know learning is key to personal and professional fulfillment. It also powers innovation and drives discovery. Our CEO and Executive Director is a transformative, mission-driven leader with 30 years of experience in academia and operations. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business with an MBA from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business, Christina Farias joined FAES in 2012 with a goal to enhance the productivity and competency of FAES services that support biomedical research and training. As CEO, Ms. Farias has overseen the growth of FAES academic programs from basic science courses to include new areas of study in bioinformatics, data science, advanced immunology, virology, neuroscience, and translational science topics. She spearheaded the transition to an online course modality, which enabled global enrollments in FAES courses and workshops and established a conference services department to bridge government science with extramural advancements in healthcare. Ms. Farias is a collaborative executive focused on cultivating partnerships to foster new ideas. She led the development of $20 million in real estate assets to create a residential community for NIH trainees, establishing a new neighborhood to connect scholars across institutes. At FAES, Ms. Farias leads cross-functional teams in operations, finance, real estate, retail, and program management to develop initiatives that benefit generations of science scholars.

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